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Tequesta Bay® Foods is a participant in the Honduras lobster fishery improvement project.

The Caribbean spiny lobster fishery provides livelihoods for hundreds of fishers and packing-plant processors in Honduras. This industrial Honduran fishery faces critical issues including a lack of robust data to inform stock status and management decisions, limited information on impacts of lobster traps on marine habitats and ecosystems, an ineffective legal management framework, and limited resources to enforce fishing regulations. But with the active involvement of FIP stakeholders, such as General Directorate for Fishing and Aquaculture, and FIP participants, the challenges facing this fishery are being addressed against the MSC standard.

In addition to participating in the FIP, Tequesta Bay Foods requires our suppliers to comply with all applicable legal requirements for the seafood we purchase, and to further the environmental and social sustainability of their local fisheries.

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